About Play Fitness

Our strap line is ACTIVism starts YOUNG. The word activism is used because we believe that only social movement will overcome the problem of obesity, one which parents, teachers, health authorities and politicians all need to be involved in. Active and Young is highlighted because this is where Play Fitness’ passion lies, we want to provide communities throughout the world with products that make being active fun.


We want to encourage the population to engage in fitness both on the outside and inside. We will provide the community with the means to encourage and motivate people to enhance their lifestyles and break down the barriers that can restrict some from participating in physical activity.

We have developed a range of innovative outdoor fitness systems that combine fun with a powerful cardio-vascular workout to produce an environment which is both stimulating and physically challenging. Our range of exercise and outdoor gym equipment employs the body mass for resistance and can be enjoyed by all ages, regardless of the users fitness level. Play Fitness will provide the environment so that the community as a whole can achieve physical fitness.

Play Fitness’ activity systems provide:

  • A high quality environment which will leave  people feeling inspired and valued
  • Opportunities for play and recreation which will stimulate growth and fitness
  • A vehicle to enhance community wellbeing and social interaction
  • Prevention measures to combat the risk of obesity and related illnesses
  • A mechanism to support the governments healthy living initiative.

In 2010 we installed our first Outdoor Gym in a primary school in the North East. Since then we have grown and the number of gyms installed continues to rise each year. Our outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for Schools, Parks and Leisure Attractions.

Play Fitness is based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear. As we recognised there was an obesity problem locally, nationally and globally. We identified that a change in lifestyle habits had to be made in order to combat the problem.

As the North East has one of the highest prevalence’s of both child and adult obesity, we began to work closely with educational establishments and the local government to try and find a solution to this growing problem.

Through this we found that many schools were looking for a platform for the children to exercise regularly with no permanent set up; this was due to the lack of space in the majority of schools. We wanted to create a fun, safe, accessible and affordable exercising environment. This is where the idea of our first range the outdoor gym evolved and was the perfect solution.