Outdoor Play and Winter Fitness

Posted on November 7th, 2016

With the cold weather looming on us it can discourage the most motivated exercises.

Play Finesses’ equipment is primarily outdoor, when developing our ranges, we recognised that children are sometimes disconnected with the outside world. This could be due to them spending more time playing video games or watching T.V.

The Play Strategy for Scotland says:

“Open space allows children to be physically active and challenge themselves so they sleep and eat well and form healthy habits that will stay with them for life”

Outdoor Play is particularly important for school children; it is a form of exercise that promotes well being.

There are many other benefits to exercising outdoors, such as:

  • It provides vitamin D from the sun, which helps promote better moods, energy levels, memory and overall health.
  • It helps provide intellectual stimulation. Outdoor play has been shown to help children focus better in the classroom.
  • It helps with problem solving skills, this could be learning to play with friends or in a team environment.
  • It builds up their immune system, children in touch with nature are less likely to develop autoimmune disorders and allergies.
  • Contact with nature can also help reduce stress levels and positively impact conditions such as anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Overall, no matter the month, exercise is great and has many benefits. Play Fitness’s equipment is developed with these benefits in mind, we want to help in the fight against childhood obesity and help our children to lead a healthier life. So, get wrapped up and let’s get exercising!!!