Infant Exer-gaming Range

Play Fitness have developed a range of innovative fitness systems for infant children that combine fun with a cardio-vascular workout to produce an environment which is both stimulating and physically challenging.

We have developed this range in the hope of tackling the growing problem of childhood obesity.

Children are not meeting the internationally recommended levels of physical exercise and research has shown that children are entering senior school without basic movement skills that are needed to take part in physical activity effectively. This has lead to 39% of children across the UK having a negative attitude towards being physically active by the age of 11.

We have already created the outdoor gym for children of the age 7 -11, this time we aim to target younger children from the age 3 -7.

Our equipment has been developed with safety in mind as all of our Infant equipment stations have been designed and made in the UK.


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  • X Reactions

  • Solar Stopwatch

  • Play Fitness Exergaming Zone

  • Wobble Board

  • Trampoline

  • Spring Maze

  • Spring Maze XL

  • Tai Chi Wheels

  • Memory and Reaction Game

  • Turbo Racer

  • 5-a-day

  • Tangle Play Panel

  • Sit in Rocker

  • Side Rocker

  • Spring Rocker

  • Double Rocker

X Reactions

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