Outdoor Gym Equipment

Play Fitness’s outdoor gyms focus on a different zone of the body, giving a full and varied work out. The equipment helps improve strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination & improves cardiovascular health.

The Play Fitness outdoor gym is perfect for, Schools, Universities, Recreation Areas, Leisure Centres, Property Developments, Businesses, Cadet training grounds, Hotels etc.

The equipment can be installed almost anywhere on soft or hard ground, we offer a range of different flooring options that includes Artificial Grass, Wet Pour and Rubber Matting.

The equipment is low maintenance due to sturdy construction and simple design. It is made from high quality steel and powder coated to increase durability and protect from the elements. Our equipment comes in two sizes, one for adults which is for ages 14 and over, the other is suitable for children aged 7-13 which makes it perfect for primary schools. This range aims to set an early pattern for physical activity in young people, encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle as they get older.

All our fitness stations use the users own body weight as resistance and are challenging and effective regardless of fitness level. As a result the exercise can be performed without risk of injuries

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  • Chest and Back Combo

  • Sit Up Machine

  • Body Twist

  • Leg Press

  • Steps/Podium

  • Chest Press

  • Back Pull

  • Hip Surfer

  • Cross Trainer

  • Air Walker

  • Bike with Press

  • Double Dip Bars

Chest and Back Combo

This is a combination of the Chest Push and Back Pull, it enables you to add variety into your Outdoor Gym.

Chest Push

This is the most challenging of the Play Fitness Junior Range. This is an upper body double station that gives users a fantastic workout as well as saving space. The non slip rubber footplates and the plastic moulded seat allows for comfortable user experience.

Based on lifting a percentage of your body weight, this machine works the chest, arms and shoulders. Once mastered this exercise leads to stronger upper body.

Back Pull

This is a challenging piece of the Play Fitness range. It is an upper body double station that gives the user a fantastic workout as well as space saving.

This equipment is to build strength in the back, shoulders and the biceps, which uses your own weight as resistance.


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How to use

Chest Push

Sit upright in the seat with the back vertical and pushed firmly against the
seat rest. Push out slowly with both arms until arms are straight. Breathe out as
you push. DO NOT lock elbows. Slowly bend arms to return to the starting position.

Inhale during the return stroke. Increase reps as fitness improves.


Back Pull

Sit upright in the seat with the back vertical and punched firmly against the seat rest,
Firmly grip both handles. In a slow and controlled manner pull down until hands are chest height. Slowly return to the start position Increase reps as strength increases.