Traverse Climbing Wall & Traverse Interactive Wall

The Traverse Wall is designed to promote fun with fitness. Traverse is a lateral move going side wards rather than upwards, which is a safer option when being placed in Schools or Community Centres. This exercise consists of requiring the practice of balancing, climbing, strength and agility. This is a great warm up exercise.

Each Traverse Wall comes with hand and foot grips. The wall can be left plain, be painted or we can work with you to create your own individual design. Our artists have created various themes by request, which include:

Local Landmarks, Animals, Jungle, Sport, Beach, Egyptian & Mountain Scene


  Ivy Rd Traverse wall 1  Ivy Rd Traverse wall

The Interactive Traverse Wall is a large fun fitness wall with hand and feet grips for traversing across. Some of the grips are numbered 1-6, to add the challenge of creating a number sequence to follow.

It also includes two electronic game options:

Reactions – Play against the clock, touching each sensor as it lights up and see how many lights you can turn off in the predetermined time.

Memory – Watch and listen to the musical light sequence and reply the sequence by touching the right sensors in the right order. As the game goes on you get more and more sensors to remember until you finally get it wrong.

The Interactive Wall is perfect for Schools, Community Centres and Recreational Areas. It is multi-generational, making it perfect for bring people together and becoming more active.


  • Attaches to walls or building.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Battery or Solar operated.
  • Narrated scoring.
  • LED lights and sounds.