Artificial Grass Flooring

Posted on January 8th, 2015

Artificial Grass brings the look of nature to your environment, it has become increasingly popular and is widely used throughout both the domestic and education sectors as it is durable so can withstand area of heavy usage.

It offers a permeable drainage system, which means no more slippery and muddy areas. It can generate savings on up-keeping costs and is particularly useful if maintenance isn’t practical in the particular area.

As you are not applying fertilisers or pesticides it is friendly to the environment. Also as it would not require watering so would not be affected if there was a hose pipe ban, therefore saves on water.

It can be used as a flooring option in a range of colours or as a sports flooring, including a sprint track.


  • Anti-microbial, no allergens associated with natural grass
  • Cooler surface temperature than many unitary surface types
  • Eco friendly
  • Low maintenance-never requires watering or mowing
  • Looks great all year round
  • Drains quickly following rain so children can play sooner without the worry of damage

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